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Bangladesh Fair Special !!!
China fairs are a busy and important time for many businessmen. We will work hard as your assistant so you can be sure to reach the best companies and get the best prices. 
We have the best Interpreters, Assistants, Guides with much experience at China fairs. Chinese Interpreters list of upcoming Bangladesh fairs.
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Professional Chinese Interpreters in Dhaka, Bangladesh specially for machine installation... Business Guides & Consultants, Sourcing & Purchasing agents, Independent Inspectors.

Professional Chinese language interpreters:

Do you need the services of an English to Chinese interpreter or a Chinese to English interpreter? Chinese Interpreters has a large database of consecutive and simultaneous Chinese interpreters in most large cities in Bangladesh.

If you need please feel free to Contact Us and let us know how we can help you with a interpreter services that will help you enter the Bangladeshi market. We will be delighted to hear from you.

Our team of Chinese interpreters is comprised of native speakers, all highly qualified and specialised in different professional fields. We are able to provide you with professional interpreters with experience in many different areas, such as business negotiations. We work as a professional Chinese-English interpreter in Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet in Bangladesh. 

We  offer a wide range of services – tour guiding, marketing, business meetings, trade fair negotiations and all the like. My clients may be the representatives from various companies, serious business men or ordinary people, who are interested in deal business in Bangladesh. We are eager to help you overcome the so-called language barrier and be a bridge between bangladeshi and Chinese business cultures. It will be our pleasure to work as an interpreter or tour guide.  Every member of our team have a positive attitude towards each and every client and try to maintain friendly relations with our clients. That’s why lots of people with who we were honored to work return to us directly. 

It is worth noting that we have worked as an English-speaking private tour guide for foreigners who come to visit Bangladesh.  It doesn’t matter whether you are alone, with your family, with your friends or a group of people, anyway our service is at your disposal. We will make up an individual itinerary for you. If you have some thought concerning the plan of the trip, We would highly appreciate your pieces of advice. Our main priority is to make you feel comfortable and natural in the foreign surroundings of Dhaka  or any other place in Bangladesh. 

Our team members are professional and experienced, well versed with the Chinese language in the spoken format. Our some member currently engaged with Chinese interpretation and translation job all over Bangladesh on a part – time basis and full time basis. We have been into this field for the past 6-years with great exposure on machinery interpretation. We can also render our service to the tourists, traders, factory visitors, conducting exhibitions, tour operators and business travel accommodation. We successfully completed machine commissioning and erection all over Bangladesh.

All the most appropriate Chinese Interpreter is always used to ensure customer satisfaction. Our Chinese interpreters are qualified and experience professional with years of experience under their belts. They interprete  both from English > Chinese and Chinese > English.

For every assignment we are given, the most appropriate Chinese Interpreter is always used to ensure customer satisfaction


  • Consecutive Chinese Interpretation
  • Simultaneous Chinese Interpretation
  • Chinese Escort Interpreter
  • Chinese Medical Interpreter
  • Chinese Whisper Interpreter
  • Chinese Over the phone Interpreter
  • Chinese Interpreter Services
  • SEO Translation - Chinese
  • Website Translation - Chinese
  • Steel & Power Plant Installation- Interpretation Services
  • Machine Installation- Interpretation Services
  • Business Meetings Interpreter

Please visit our Clients page there are the few Technical Industries, where our team have worked as a Technical Interpreter in several Years:

Please don't hesitate to call or email if you have any further questions - I'd be happy to speak with you.

Mandarin and Chinese Interpreter Services

We are a interpreter company based in Bangladesh and providing Chinese interpreters who speak Mandarin. We are professionally highly skilled, Masters degree educated and have worked in different company in Bangladesh and abroad.

Professional Chinese Interpreters , Certified Chinese Interpreter Services in Dhaka City, Cittagong, Sylhet.

Professional Bengali - Chinese Interpreters

Be free from the hassle of translation. Take advantage of our excellent Chinese interpreting services. 1-Stop Translation is your only stop for all your Chinese interpreting needs. 1-Stop Translation covers all aspects of multilingual projects. We serve you with a complete line of Chinese interpreters, Japanese translators, and certified Korean interpreters.

Our expertise is in Asian languages. Trust us to deliver when it comes to Chinese interpreting services. You can depend on us when it comes to your translation tasks. Putting forth utmost professionalism and expertise, we're your reliable Chinese interpreters. Quality and reliability are the goals. We have linguistic and technical experts to show you the difference we make. Count on our Chinese interpreters.
If you're after impeccable translation work, no other language company can deliver but 1-Stop Translation. We offer the highest quality in Chinese interpreting services. With a solid client-centered commitment, our main goals are excellence and success brought to you by our Chinese interpreters. Our Chinese interpreters and Japanese translation work is for all who demand only professional language services. Make 1-Stop Translation your top choice.

Goals: Our goal is to promote trade between Bangladesh and other country of the world. We provide a easy way business idea for opening new business or industry setup in Bangladesh in this way we build business networking and provide business services. We highlight trends, opportunities and challenges in key market sectors and share investment news.

Please contact me personally if you would like information or a price quotation for document translation, on-site interpreting, or telephone interpreting.

Call us now on : 01700630200    Contact us at:  Email: eshahadat@gmail.comSkype: freelance.interpreter

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